Observation, Participation & Transformation

The opposite of freedom is bondage. Freedom is birthed in awakened consciousness, while bondage is rooted is unconsciousness. There is no evil in our world, only unconsciousness of onefs true nature. When we take the responsibility for cultivating our true Self, we break the ties that bind us to the illusions of who and what we falsely think we are. We all have aspects of self of which we are more conscious than others. The more we clarify consciousness through our daily spiritual practices, the more we awaken our potential for self-realization.


The presence of God resides in the sanctuary of my soul. Cosmic ideas take form and grow in the garden of my consciousness. The order, harmony and beauty of God are forever expanding within me. My wholeness is based on my oneness with God. I am abundantly fueled and funded by the grace of pure Spirit. True gratitude is my constant companion. And so it is!? Amen!  

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