Observation, Participation & Transformation

Many times what we learn about love is counterfeit. It is love masquerading as getting our emotional and other needs met and meeting those of others, a reward offered for satisfying our heartfs desires. So the first thing to remember is that only through having a deep, inner awareness of being love itself are we able to see the distinction between love as a noun and love as a verb, to being love itself without a subject or object upon which it is placed or directed.  


Godfs will for my life releases me and sets me free. I am a grounding point for miraculous energy to express. My life is an adventure in Spiritual growth and unfoldment. I am filled to overflowing with the good of God. High thoughts of health and beauty manifest as my body temple. Gratitude and appreciation light my path and show the way. And So It Is!? Amen!  

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