Originality Must Be Your Causality

Today we celebrate Mother love, Mother nurturing, as exemplified by Mother Mary and the Great Mother of our initial conception. Mother Earth cradles us in her arms with the richness of the soil, feeds us from her rich resources of the green earth, illumines us with brilliant light, and sustains us with living waters. Implicit is a rich vibrant texture of living ready to explode into even more greatness as us! Divine Mother consciousness continually enfolds each of us in her bosom, fulfilling through perfect love the manifestation of the highest order of God’s perfect being. 


The transcendent power of the living God takes over my life!

My thoughts are radiant with the light of Spirit!

My choices are made from my oneness and wholeness in God!

My life is lived in the dynamic, abundant energy of pure Spirit!

Heaven is anchored on earth through my thoughts, words and actions!

The divine feminine essence of God reveals its grace as me today and always!

In gratitude and love I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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