Problems or Possibilities: You Choose the World You Live In

Just as a photographer must go into the darkroom to develop his photos, so must we enter the darkroom of our spiritual practices to develop our soul qualities. As Jesus instructed his followers, “When thou prayest, enter into thy closet…,” and we all know most closets are dark until we turn on the light. Our spiritual practices provide that divine illumination. In this cave of stillness you cultivate the qualities of Spirit that are etched upon your soul.


The essence of my Being burns bright with love, peace and joy!

I am charged with divine ideas shot from the mind of God!

My life is a blessing! I have multiple gifts to give!

Infinite, invisible good manifests as all my needs met!

Radiant health and wholeness express as my body temple!

I am a walking, talking, living, loving expression of God`s grace!

In all things I am grateful! And so be it! Amen! 

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