Pulled by Vision

Sanity is another word for awakened consciousness. The sanity you were born with is your true nature, your Authentic Self. Returning to this original sanity is waking up to the reality that the very spot on which you now stand is exactly the place where you can awaken to the fact that sanity is as natural to your spirit as breathing is to your body.
You were shot from Eternity into form. You do not have a shelf life because you were made of the stuff of eternality itself. Through your spiritual practices you contact the ground of sanity that you are, always have been, and always shall be. Unconditionally.

Empowered by the love of God, I walk as a beneficial presence on this planet!
My inner guidance lifts me above any fear, doubt or worry!
Buoyant, boundless energy restores my body, mind and soul!
God is the one source and the constant resource of my life!
I am an ambassador of the unseen making abundance available on this planet!
All praise and glory is to God! So be it! Amen!

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