Rise Up To Meet Your Miracle

Do you seek how to make yourself free, or how to be free from yourself? Contemplating the difference is an interesting revelation of our motive for entering the spiritual path. After all, enlightenment is not a commodity to be coerced into one’s consciousness. It is not a quantity of something, it is a quality of being yearning to be discovered and expressed in, through and as you. In our fast-paced society, if we aren’t scrambling to attain or possess something, we label ourselves as lazy. However, when we live in a consciousness of trust, knowing that an invisible hand is always taking us in the right direction, we are serene, creatively active yet patient.


I am constantly becoming all that God knows me to be!
The realm of ever expanding good is my dwelling place!
Radical amazement is my natural state of being!
All of my relationships are created in Spirit and revealed in love!
God thoughts and God shots express as my work and play!
Every aspect of my life is healed and whole!
Gratefully I live these words of truth! And so it is! Amen!

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