Simply Begin

With dominion over your attention, you experience the true meaning of freedom which is more than merely experiencing a release from the thought form habits of worry, doubt, fear, dis-ease, discomfort and disharmony.  Authentic dominion over your consciousness is the ability to freely express, in your own way, the deep, mystical chords of spiritual realization and divine creativity.  From dominion, you move into the space of full-on living that characterizes the habits practiced in the lives of highly evolved people.


Wild enthusiasm charges every activity of my life!
I am stark raving glad, God, loving and divine!
The financial energy of the universe flows freely through me!
I am a generous and generative being!
The high calling of Christ consciousness resounds in my awareness!
I am a sacred servant of God’s perfect plan!
Gratefully I live these words of truth!  And so it is!  Amen!

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