Stop Suppressing Your Blessings

As we enter into this time of Easter my heart canft help but wonder what Jesus would think of our modern day celebrations-----his Passover table was so simple, so intimate and intentional.? What I wish for all of us as we gather with our dear ones at home and in our spiritual communities is that we resurrect our intention to arise from the tomb of separation and so shine our light of wisdom, of joy and peace upon this world that all beings may join us in a dance of conscious realization of oneness and bring an end to all wars and suffering and thus join heaven and earth.


My life is a glorious celebration of the living Christ! Today I am reborn in the awareness of my great and mighty destiny! Miracles occur in the field of my beholding consciousness! I am an agent for spiritual advancement on this planet! My acts of generosity quicken the flow of abundance in my life! In the spirit of gratitude I live these words of truth!? And so it is!? Amen!

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