Submergence - Emergence - Convergence

Spirit is knocking at the door of your heart urging you to accept its revelation that within you is a masterpiece that longs to emerge into expression through you. Every being is a masterpiece because God does not give birth to anything less than that. This revelation is something you have been empowered to initiate through your spiritual practices of meditation, affirmative prayer, and life visioning. Open yourself to receiving this direct, soul-centered God-cast and be prepared to bow before the unrivaled beauty of your being.


Today I emerge and see all that God created me to be! My life is a celebration of love, inspiration and transformation! Pure appreciation and divine intelligence are the fuels that I run on.? I am super charged! The dynamic potential within me manifests as all needs met! Revelations of health and wholeness restore my body temple! I am a channel revealing the glory of God everywhere I go! This is my new set point!? Gratefully I live these words of truth! So be it!? Amen!  

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