The Lure Of Being Secure: Don't Bite The Bait!

The so-called gedgeh is an illusion. When we reference the gcutting edgeh of anything wefre talking about the most current knowledge about that particular subject or object. In other words, since we live in an ever-expanding universe, we are now and always will be at the edge of the next evolutionary leap. Certainly there are fully awakened spiritual beings who have inwardly touched the unknown, but they are the first ones to tell us?with an enigmatic smile?that the ultimate mystery of the universe is unknowable.


My life is the life if God! I Am! The impulse to express true greatness is encoded within me! Infinite possibilities and unlimited opportunities pave my path! Divine plentitude and perfect peace are my ways and means! High thoughts of health and wholeness manifest as my body temple! Gratefully I live in alignment with Godfs idea for my life! So be it! Amen!

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