The Mass Celebration of the Christ

As we stand at the precipice of the holyday season, how precious it is to know that underneath all of our celebrations there beats the heart of love, of generosity, of a kinship with all life. This collective awareness, whether you call it Christ Consciousness, the Light of Life, or no name at all, electrifies the atmosphere and, when we open our hearts to fully embrace it, illuminates our inner being.


God is Good and I am One with God.

I am One with this Community. I am Successful.

I have a lot worth Celebrating. I am Magnificent.

I am always Loved through community. I am Worthy.

Our community is Whole and we Celebrate it. I am Caring.

I am free to be myself through my community. I am Powerful.

I can achieve anything I want as I am always Loved in Community.

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