The Order In The Chaos

Are you free enough to allow the new into your consciousness, or are you living from past conditioning that tells you what you must do in order to live in safety and security? Not reacting from the past, not reacting out of fear of the future, we learn to respond to Life just as it is. We learn the power of being in the new moment filled with self-trust, with confidence in the fundamental Goodness of Spirit. Freedom comes from awareness, awareness comes from meditation?they are interdependent.


I am here to reflect and reveal cosmic consciousness! The bounty of Spirit breaks forth through me as all needs met! The soulful vibration of love invites whole relationships into my life! My mind overflows with divine ideas and positive possibilities! Wonder and awe, beauty and sacredness are the atmosphere of my Beingness! Hanging out in a field of thanksgiving, I continue where God left off! And so it is! Amen!

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