The Order In The Chaos ? Find It!

By his resurrection, Jesus proved to us a great spiritual law: we are made of indestructible energy. He lived in conscious realization of the truth that the human body is a mass of energy. When he walked upon water, he demonstrated our innate capacity to shapeshift the bodyfs vibratory rate of energy, causing it to become lighter than water. Jesusf greatest demonstration that we are made of Spirit was his resurrection from the dead. This is the crowning glory of his state of enlightened consciousness, not as the great exception, but as the great example.


The glory of the living God is resurrected in me today! Spirit divine springs forth as my perfect health and wholeness! A new field of possibilities emerges in my awareness and manifests as my experience! Infinite opportunities blossom in the field of my receptive consciousness! The true spirit of Easter enlivens my heart, restores my soul and delights me in every way! In all things I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

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