The Order In The Chaos ? Find It!

Where do we find the courage to unconditionally accept ourselves and whatever shows up in our present moment experience, come what may? When we embody a gcome what mayh consciousness, we donft reject ourselves or the conditions we find ourselves in; instead, we courageously open ourselves to receive the gifts, the teachings being offered and then take skillful action. At times this can feel like wefre walking a high wire, unsure if wefll make it across to safety. This is the juncture at which we remind ourselves of previous times when trust in our spiritual training and practice supported us in the midst of our psychological and emotional fragility. Rather than bite egofs hook and rage an inner war against ourselves as in, gYoufre a spiritual being, remember?h, we calm ourselves with a tender embrace of compassion and kindness.


The full power of the divine dwells within me! Godfs good overflows the banks of my present paradigm! The genius of my being restores my body and renews my mind! Fulfillment is my identity, my charge and my destiny! I stand in pure gratitude, glee and ecstasy! What a joy it is to be free! And so it is! Amen!

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