The Order In The Chaos ? Find It!

Each of us is fully equipped to make a gcome what mayh commitment. What are we committing to? Dropping the black and white mindsets of right versus wrong, evil versus good, sacred versus profane, spiritual versus worldly. This is how we spiritually mature enough to accept paradox, to live comfortably in the question marks of life. We discern the difference between the illusion of having control over life and taking responsibility for our choice-making and its results. Our prayers are no longer attempts to manipulate the laws governing the universe into giving us what we want, but rather what will contribute to our ever-expanding consciousness.


My life is lived to the glory of the living God! The fire of my heartfs desire burns away all fear, doubt and worry! Joyfully I outgrow any issues and expand into my true greatness! A consciousness of gratitude and sheer appreciation carries me on its wings! I sizzle with the soulful sauce of transformation! This is my life on God! And so it is! Amen!

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