The Renewing Power of Your Sacred Quest

The resurrection of the great master teacher, Jesus the Christ, revealed that consciousness does not know death. That is why on a daily basis we can rise in consciousness to a resurrected life, a life transformed in body, mind, and spirit. Our spiritual practices of meditation, affirmative prayer, and life visioning saturate our consciousness with the stuff out of which we were made—cosmic energy—and this energy can be consciously directed.


The glory of the living God is resurrected in me today!

Spirit divine springs forth as my perfect health and wholeness!

A new field of possibilities emerges in my awareness and manifests as my experience!

Infinite opportunities blossom in the field of my receptive

The true spirit of Easter enlivens my heart, restores my soul and
delights me in every way!

In all things I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

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