The Single Eye Approach to Living

When we tap into our innate quality of joy, we feel as though we can dance among the stars. Joy, an innate quality of the soul, is independent of any outer circumstances or events happening in our lives. Happiness, on the other hand, comes and goes, depending upon how we relate to and thereby evaluate events and circumstances—such as if our desires are or aren’t being met, whether our dreams materialize or don’t materialize, whether or not others are meeting our expectations of them, or if our talents and skills are or aren’t being recognized and rewarded.
When we devote so much time to outer fulfillment we remain on the surface of our existence, which prevents us from reaching into the depths of our soul and its unconditional energy of joy.


Everything about me proclaims the good of God almighty!

Peace by peace the beloved community is anchored through me!

I live in alignment with God’s big idea for my life!

My miracle consciousness blesses everyone I meet!

Divine and compelling right action orders my days and my ways!

Gracefully and gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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