The True Reset

Although celebrating is not determined by the calendar, the New Year is an ideal time to remind ourselves that every single day offers us a new beginning, that each and every prayer and meditation session offers us a fresh, joyous view into our depths. In our inner Self there exists a continuity of light, of blissful song and dance, because we are made out of the energy called Celebration. That alone is reason to celebrate our existence, to dance in the Buddafield, in the Christfield of our essence. In other words, celebration is an expression of gratitude, a gratefulness for the gift of life.


The sacred presence of Spirit expresses in through and as me!

New ideas flow through me! Insights unfold within me!

My relationships form around the power of my loving heart!

The source and substance of my supply is limitless!

God is great and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

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