The Vision and The Changes We Must Go Through

Gratitude is the sincerest prayer of the heart, arising from a recognition of the precious human incarnation each of us has been given. We then walk through life in humble awe of the realization that Spirit inseparably, purposely individualized itself as “me.” Is there a more ultimate gift than to know, deep in our beingness, that we are made of God-stuff, that we have been equipped with all that we need to come into full realization of our oneness with pure Spirit? 


The presence of God emerges in mighty and marvelous ways through me!

I am a carrier wave of infinite possibilities!

My life is ablaze with beauty, health and wholeness!

The quality of abundance is activated within me right now!

Peace is the seed thought of all my actions!

Gratitude is the song of my soul! So be it! Amen! 

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