From Worldly Diagnosis To Spiritual Prognosis

Look into the cosmic mirror and see your true image so that you may release yourself from the entrapment of the societal dream prevalent in our high tech ? low touch society.? How else will the Universe be able to become conscious of itself through your awareness?? You have been summoned by the Spirit of Life to wake up.? So wash your face and get the sleep out of your eyes so that you may look into the cosmic mirror and see your true reflection, your original face of Spirit. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith  



I deserve and deliver the very best that God has to offer! The genius code within me activates universal intelligence with power and grace! Love and peace speak to me, through me and as me! Held in the embrace of pure Spirit, I am supported in all that I do! Cosmic energy restores my body temple and renews my mind! Gratitude is the very essence of my being! It is so!? And so it is!? Amen!  



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