From Worldly Diagnosis To Spiritual Prognosis

Real bliss and ecstasy come from activating onefs potential, not mere accomplishment or getting things.? The real message behind that is, on the way to accomplishment you have to become something.? So your real juice comes from what you have become as you are moving toward accomplishment or acquiring.? As you spiritually mature, you realize the secret was really in becoming yourself and in having activated a potential.? Thatfs where your real joy, real happiness, comes from. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith



The full power of the divine dwells within me! Gods good overflows the banks of my present paradigm! The genius of my being restores my body and renews my mind! Fulfillment is my identity, my charge and my destiny! I stand in pure gratitude, glee and ecstasy! What a joy it is to be free! And so it is! ?Amen!



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