True Revolutionaries of Love: It's Our Moment

We sit at the high stakes table of our lives, rolling the dice of destiny with each thought, feeling, and action while we hold in our consciousness the trump card of the soul. Isn’t it time to play it consciously, to throw down your trump card on the table of life?
This is the meaning of spiritual courage. But, to know you have a trump card isn’t enough; you have to play it and play it boldly with trust in your capacity to become a high stakes player by taking a stand for the principles you believe in, for the good you know the world is capable of expressing, of being.


Gratefully I pray and stay in God consciousness!

My soul forces and spiritual senses are activated right here, right

The vitalizing energy of pure Spirit transforms my body temple
and the body of my affairs!

Triumphant peace and transcendent freedom express in, through,
around and about me!

BAM! It is already done! Blessed and multiplied!

And so it is! Amen!

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