When Losing is Really Winning - The Art of Letting Go

From clothing, zip code, car make, sexual orientation, politics, cultural identity, to Spirit—we are a label-conscious society. Categorical labeling is what we use to simplify the complexities of life. In our branding-conscious, marketing driven society, it seems counterintuitive to simply experience “being” without putting a descriptive label—or even an emoji—on it. And yet when we live by labels, one label leads to another and together they soon become our collective societal reference points. The truth is, pure Is-ness has no label; therefore, as the essence of our limitless being, nor do we.


My life is the life of God radiantly and fully expressed!

The power of this awareness sets me free to be me!

All of my relationships are shot through with love and peace!

Well-being and being well is my way life!

God by means of me anchors true abundance and permanent prosperity!

These loving words are the law of my life!

Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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