When Losing is Really Winning - The Art of Letting Go

Having no labels, no limitations is about not labeling our experiences as being good or bad, because everything that comes into our lives has the potential to awaken us, to shake us out of illusion. It is all rich material to work with and when we catch on to this, the habit of labeling falls away. We may continue using labels for clarity of verbal communication, and when we are conscious that we do so for this purpose, it emerges from an entirely different vibratory level of consciousness. It is then that we begin to tap into and express from our organic intuitive wisdom, inspiration, and limitless Self.


I am made whole in the image and likeness of God!

My actions are rooted in peace, wrapped in love and expressed with excellence!

Avenues of creativity flow to me from the mind of God!

Gratitude wells up and saturates every area of my life!

Plenitude is my natural state of being! I give and receive in God!

Joyfully I let it be! So be it! Amen!

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