With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding and Inner-standing

As events present themselves in your experience, train your consciousness to be in gratitude independent of judging them as desirable or undesirable. Remain unattached. Then at night, train your last thought before sleep to be one of thanksgiving for the miracle of knowing God, whose pleasure it is to give you the kingdom.


God accomplishes all things through the high vibration of my willingness!
Unity is the essence and love is the action of all my relations!
Laughter and levity lift me out of the gravity of any experience!
Circumstances bend themselves around God’s big idea of my life!
Perfect health is the frequency, the activity and the manifestation of my body temple!
All the power, all the presence, all the plentitude of God is mine today!
Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen!

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