With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding and Inner-standing

This universal Christ-energy is not manifest on the planet only during a specific time of year or when a specific awakened being graced the planet. Its timelessness permeates every speck of space, every man, woman and child, all existence. Each and every day it is present to remind us of our countless blessings as spiritual beings having a human incarnation. And especially to accelerate our innate capacity to birth an awakened state of being in the cradle of consciousness.


The seeds of my Christ Consciousness bloom in the power of praise!
Love, prayer and generosity of Spirit lift me above all seeming limitations!
Divine right action, divine right guidance, divine right everything is my divine right! I accept it all!
Beauty, intelligence and infinite abundance govern my universe!
My commitment to peace and nonviolence makes a difference for good on this planet!
Gratefully I let it be! And so it is! Amen.

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