Your Journey To You

With each step in our evolutionary growth, our consciousness, cells and marrow become more deeply saturated with gratitude and thus our entire being becomes a prayer. No longer do we ask for things that glorify the ego, because the heart is so wholly content. No longer do we push away life’s challenges because we realize the gifts of inner growth they offer. Our entire existence becomes surrounded in an aura of joy. We cannot stop ourselves from putting our gratitude into action through exuding an energy of love, compassion, generosity of heart, selfless service, and sharing our financial resources with
others, with the sources of our spiritual inspiration. 


The cosmic good of God expresses locally as my life!

Thoughts of beauty, health and wholeness shape my body temple!

A flowing river of God’s love carries all of my relationships!

The entire universe rushes to keep up with my expanding consciousness!

I am grateful for the call, the answer and the celebration of my life lived in God!

Joyfully I live these words of truth! And so it is! Amen!

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