Your Life: You chose Whatfs Trending

When we have breakthroughs we move back and forth between prayer and praise. They intermingle and we realize we arenft asking for anything but accepting all the gifts of Spirit that have already been given. Wefre ready to be audacious in our acceptance of them because wefve touched our true nature within. Everywhere you look you see the work of Spirit taking place. Praise bursts out from your heart and even your very breath becomes a prayer of inhaling divine energy and exhaling gratitude for your life. Life is seen as beautiful, all beings are beautiful.


I am a fully franchised expression of the all good God! The resurrecting power of prayer lifts me above all limitations! A field of sacred fellowship supports all of my relationships! I am fully sourced by the richness of my soul and the opulence of my being! My foundation is strong! My potential is activated! My blessings are assured! And in all things I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

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