Your Role Is To Shine, Not Resign. Take Heart, Life Is On Your Side

When we read in the teachings of enlightened beings about their relationship with formless Spirit, we can see how they have given “form” to its masculine and feminine aspects. For example, in Hinduism each avatar has a consort, as in the Radha-Krishna principle, which unifies wisdom and love. For Sufi and Catholic mystics, God is often the Beloved. For Jesus, Spirit took the form of Father, and for Paramahansa Yogananda, that of Mother.

Likewise, each one of us can relate to the Divine in the form our heart most desires, trusting that It is equally eager to respond in like manner.


I anchor the realm of ever expanding good on earth!

My entire body is in harmony with wholeness!

The gift of divinity is stirred into activity.

Love intelligence guides the course of my universe!

I am in service to peace and compassion.

My heart beats to the will of divine love!

For this and so much more I am grateful.

And so it is! Amen!

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