Your Ship Is Coming In! Oops, Did You Send One Out?

The Greeks have a beautiful term: Kosmos, spelled with a “K,” which defines the sum total of Reality which includes yet goes beyond the physical dimension of the cosmos to the dimensions of the invisible realms of Existence. When exploring the mysteries of the cosmos, physical scientists work with external instruments such as telescopes from which they can collect empirical evidence for their theories. The spiritual scientist, however, works with inner instruments such as the telescope of meditation, affirmative prayer, and Life Visioning to tap
directly into the mystical revelations of the kosmos, including its vibratory dimension of grace.


The glory of the divine speaks itself into expression as me!

Only the thoughts of God have a place in my awareness!

The high vibration of willingness dissolves all resistance!

I am available for the plentitude of the universe to shine through me!

My actions reveal beauty, order, patience and balance!

Gratefully I embrace the Spirit within me and express it freely and fully!

So be it! Amen.

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