Your Soulular Workout

I have a public service announcement for you: You have taken a human incarnation to live a great life, and why you pray is to remind yourself of that truth. Living from this recognition enthuses us to begin each day in a prayer-filled consciousness. Then watch how your sensitivity to the Spiritfs presence increases and you see its activity everywhere, in everything and everyone. See how you are filled with more joy, more peace, creativity, wisdom?all the inherent qualities of your soul.


I live in a soulful awareness of my oneness with God! New horizons of infinite possibilities greet me every day! My life is a shining beacon of beauty, health and wholeness! Abundance is my divine birthright fully, fabulously expressed! I am audacious enough to believe, bodacious enough to receive and gracious enough to be grateful! And so it is!? Amen!

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