Your Soulular Workout

When everywhere you look you see the work of Spirit taking place, praise spontaneously bursts out from your heart. Even your very breath becomes a prayer of inhaling divine energy and exhaling gratitude for your precious human incarnation. Life is seen as beautiful, even those things one wouldnft normally consider as being so. Our sensitivity to the Spiritfs presence increases and we see its activity everywhere, in everything and everyone. We are filled with more joy, more peace, creativity, wisdom?all the inherent qualities of our soul.


Godfs perfect idea is made manifest in through and as me! The light within me shines in all conditions no matter what! Free from my story I rise up in my true glory! Filled with possibilities I am pulled by Godfs vision for my life! Divine love embraces me, infinite intelligence informs me, spiritual substance sustains me! I am all good in God!? And so it is!? Amen!

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