Your Threshold of Transformation

Awareness is our great ally on our journey to the Self within. It keeps us awake and present to the now moment so that we may respond from our authentic being and wisdom of the heart. We are able to break free of society's conditioning, from mindsets and behavior patterns that limit our capacity to relish and participate in life's ecstatic beauty Agape-Meditative-Thought-April-21


I live in the garden of God consciousness! Divine ideas emerge through my oneness with Spirit! Peace is anchored through my every thought, word and action! My body temple is a filament for divine light! Ever expanding good provides for me in everyday in every way! All praise and glory is to God! And so it is! Amen! Agape-Affirmations-April-21-a

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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