CommonUnity Ministry - Sleeping Bag Drive

Agape’s CommonUnity Ministries are hosting a Sleeping Bag Drive!

We are partnering with the Westside Faith Coalition to provide a total of 200 sleeping bags to be distributed on March 25th at a winter shelter.  We are asking the Agape community to donate at least 33 up to 50 sleeping bags.

Typically, the winter shelters open in November--providing a meal, shower, and a cot allowing people a safe and warm place to sleep.  Once the shelters close for the season at the end of March people are once again on the streets.  It is the desire of the coalition to provide everyone in the shelter a New, warm, and lightweight sleeping bag.

The following are the options that are most desirable and we ask if you are participating to please use the following protocol.

Please use the following links on

Select Agape International Spiritual Center of Truth Inc

Sleeping bag option # 1

Sleeping bag option #2

Choose shipping option—needs to be delivered by March 20th

Please have the bag sent to:

Attn:  Darci Niva

1343 Ocean Park Blvd.,   

Santa Monica, CA 90405