There is a renaissance taking place.

A 5-week course that explores the Life Visioning™ transformational technology developed by Michael Bernard Beckwith. You will learn the four stages of spiritual growth and unfoldment, how to construct and ask empowering questions, and how to identify and articulate the vision that is seeking expression through YOU by practicing the Life Visioning Process. This course is taught by original founding member, Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and Minister, Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart, who has facilitated Life Visioning seminars, classes, and workshops for over 25 years.


A shift has indeed come.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Life Visioning™ course, a profound exploration of spiritual growth and unfoldment inspired by the visionary teachings of Michael B. Beckwith as written in his book, LifeVisioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential.

Imagine tapping into the essence of your existence, constructing empowering questions, and bringing forth the vision that yearns for expression through YOU.

There is a renaissance taking place.

Feel the pulse of a global renaissance, a rebirth that resonates throughout the planet. As you navigate the collective consciousness, ask yourself: What vision seeks to emerge in your life? How can you contribute to this transformative shift? You are not just a witness but a co-creator of this evolutionary moment.

We have reached a pivotal turning point in the collective consciousness and all roads are inviting us to journey inward. 

Sense the beckoning within, a call for more profound meaning and purpose. You are more than the challenges and projections that surround you. Delve into the depths of your being and ask:

What unique gift lies within me?

What vision is waiting to be unleashed?  

Your breath, still encircling and breathing you, is a testament that you have something very specific and unique to give.



And it’s already in you, waiting for you to unleash it.

What’s In a Vision? You!

It’s already in you, waiting for you to unleash it.

Picture a vision, and see that everything in the physical world began as an idea from the One Mind. Just like the Oak Tree in a tiny acorn, the vision of you was held in your mother's womb. On a cosmic level, your unique vision is eternally etched in the Mind of God, a non-duplicating extension of divine creativity.

You’re probably beginning to sense that to understand your purpose fully, you must go beyond what your family has said about you, what society dictates, what your friends advise, and even what you think about yourself. To fully understand the vision and purpose of your life, you must consciously return to your Source. The One that created and fashioned you in Its image. The One that never stops expressing as you. The One whose Mind you are constantly connected to. Let your soul guide you. The cosmic vision of your life involves communicating with the divine within you.

The Life Visioning Process

Holding Space for Your Transformation

Now is the time to catch the cosmic vision of your life through Life Visioning, a six-week course beginning on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, with Agape International Spiritual Center minister and master teacher Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart.  Based on the book LifeVisioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential, this class dives deep into this transformational and experiential technology developed and taught globally by Michael B. Beckwith.

There is a spiritual idea that the Universe wants to birth through you that you may not know about. That spiritual idea was planted within you before you were born. There is a powerful destiny and a unique way that the Universe wants to express itself through and as you. Life Visioning provides the tools to help you listen, catch, and act upon the vision that is already within you.

Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart invites you to catch the cosmic vision of your life!

Life Visioning will start on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

This 5-week course goes beyond visualization, offering transformative tools to unveil the vision within you. 



In this course you will:

  • Learn and practice the Life Visioning Process
  • Learn the four stages of spiritual growth and unfoldment (Victim Consciousness – Manifester Consciousness – Channeler Consciousness – Being Consciousness)
  • Uncover your unique pattern by tuning into the wisdom of the Universe
  • Develop your ability to trust the guidance that you’re receiving
  • Discover the strength and value of asking empowering questions and what constitutes an empowering question
  • Identify and articulate the vision that is seeking expression through you
  • Release the energetic baggage of external factors, influences, and expectations regarding you and your life


Rev. Coco, a founding member of Agape and the Vision Core Team, brings more than 25 years of experience to each session. Infused with integrity, mysticism, awareness, and unconditional love, she creates a transformative space that activates higher consciousness within you.

Be Pulled By the Vision 

Feel the promise you made to yourself before incarnating—the promise to release your unique giftedness on the planet. You are divinely on time. Now is the perfect moment to unleash the vision of you held in the Mind of God. Life Visioning is your answered prayer, ready to transcend your limitations and transform your life. Let the vision of your life pull you into your destiny—register today and be drawn by the vision!



Required Books for this Course:

- Life Visioning by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Class starts Tuesday, January 23, 2023, 6pm to 8pm Pacific Time.

If you are unable to participate in the live online class, you will receive the class recordings to watch at a date and time convenient to you.

This is a required course for those seeking to enter Agape University's Professional Practitioner Program.

Email Rev. Carlton Teabout, Mgr., Agape University, [email protected] for questions.


About Your Instructor:

Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart, a founding member of the Agape International Spiritual Center, was a part of the original Vision Core, which met in 1986 and out of which Agape emerged. An ordained minister for over 20 years,

Rev. Coco has practiced and lived the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality for many years and is a gifted teacher in Agape’s accredited classes. Each class is saturated with the results of her own inner work and 30 plus years of private practice as a licensed prayer practitioner.

Rev. Coco serves the beloved Agape community in so many ways in addition to being a Senior Staff Minister and the director of One From The Heart, Agape’s pastoral care ministry.