Living From the Overflow: A Practical Guide to a Life of Plenitude audio program with Michael B. Beckwith

If you look around your life and see scarcity and want, here’s the good news:  “The Divine is offering its entire treasure house to you right now,” teaches Michael B. Beckwith. “Happiness, health, love―and yes, even money―are all manifestations of what the universe has to give.” 

In Dr. Beckwith’s Living From the Overflow audio program, you’ll receive over six hours of insights and practices for tapping into the “super-abundance” of Spirit. You will learn how to apply the principles for plentiful living to your health, relationships, finances, and spiritual growth, as you come to understand that we did not come to this planet to acquire things, but to realize our true nature as vessels through which the Spirit of abundance constantly flows.   

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