If you missed Agape’s New Year’s Intensive, "Sacred Reset: Meditation, Visioning & Activation" with Rev. Michael on Saturday, January 1st you can purchase access to the archive until February 28, 2023!

As we all ease back into our routines, let us remember this is not the time to return to “normal,” as in to who we were and to old ways of thinking, doing, living, and being.  

Rather, now is the time for a reset--a Sacred Reset!  

A reset to a higher calibration and baseline as we become available to catch the Vision for, and are willing to participate in, the next stage of our own unfolding. 

A reset to homeostasis and to a mental, emotional, and physical temple that's cleansed of toxins so that the body, the mind, and the emotional body can heal itself and realign with our innate Spiritual well-being, allowing us to consciously be the clear vessel through which the Vision may emerge.

Join Michael B. Beckwith for Agape’s Virtual New Year’s Intensive, Sacred Reset:  Meditation, Visioning & Activation.

At this special New Year’s Intensive, you will create a New You in the New Year by engaging in powerful Spiritual practices and technologies designed to heal and reveal, renew and regenerate, and release and reset:

  • Meditation heals the psyche. It brings you to the sacred silence of your soul where wisdom, insight, clarity, and vision lie. 
  • Visioning, a process originated by Rev. Michael, elicits and evokes the Divine idea for your life.  
  • Activation awakens your inner Yes!

Start off your 2022 with a deep intention to shape the life and world your heart desires. Utilizing these Spiritual practices will support and serve you well in 2022 and beyond.  

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