Are you ready to emerge into your greater yet to be in 2023?

Then sign up today for Agape’s virtual New Year’s Intensive, Immersion To Emergence: You Are What You Need, A Meditation & Visioning Virtual Intensive with Michael B. Beckwith. 

As we do a deep immersion into that which is Real and Eternal, which includes intelligence, love, beauty, and abundance, something is activated within us and we unlock the power of emergence.  That is, there is something already within us that is seeking the right condition to reveal Itself, like that of a seedling in which emergence happens and a rose reveals itself.  

With that awareness, we discover that we are what we need.


We’re sometimes hypnotized into thinking that we need something, someone, or some external condition outside of ourselves to provide the context for our joy, happiness, or abundance.  But ultimately, we are what we need. You are what you need.  “Need” means the activation of hidden and latent potential. The activation of unconditional love and dynamic peace and joy. The activation of answers, solutions, and soul satisfaction. The activation of unique gifts and talents that not only make a mighty difference within ourselves and in our relationships, but also in our families, communities, and the world. 

This Intensive will allow us to do an immersion into the sacred art of intentional meditation, affirmative prayer, and Life Visioning that will ultimately lead to an emergence of something beautiful, something wonderful, and something magnificent that is already within us:

  • Meditation heals the psyche. It brings you to the sacred silence of your soul where wisdom, insight, clarity, and vision lie. 
  • Visioning, a process originated by Rev. Michael, elicits and evokes the Divine idea for your life.  
  • Activation awakens your inner Yes! 

Create your 2023 and beyond with a deep intention to discover and emerge into your greatness, the You you are and intended to be before incarnating on the planet!  So show up, sign up, and stay up! 

Plus when you register today, you’ll also receive 24/7 access to the Intensive replay until Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time so you can watch and practice as often as you want!

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