Prosperity, Plenitude & Infinite Possibilities with Michael Bernard Beckwith

 means living in a state of being and knowing that all of our needs are met. It’s about coming into a greater awareness that we absolutely live in a field of Plenitude. It’s about breaking the illusion of separation, scarcity, and lack. It’s about recognizing that Infinite Possibilities live within us and we agreed to bring forth into this world our own unique gifts and talents so that our lives have value and meaning. 

In this class you will:

  • Discover how to have your legitimate needs met by being in vibrational alignment with prosperity and plenitude.
  • Be immersed in transformational wisdom and exercises designed to shift your paradigm and increase your capacity to live powerfully from the presence of infinite supply that is within you.
  • Develop practices and practical habits that move you into a greater experience of prosperity in every area of your life.

Online registration:  $170

You can still register for the recording of the class through December 31st

Online registration:

Register and you will also receive a free pdf copy of Dr. Michael's new book by the same title, Plenitude, Prosperity & Infinite Possibilities. This companion book is designed for you as a prayer, reference, practice, and activation manual to bring into manifestation the principles of Plenitude and Prosperity as your life!

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