The Answer is You

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Rev. Suzi Lula, Instructor
Spring 2021

Discover who you are – independent of circumstance

In times of challenge and change there are key questions many share: How can I stay expanded when my world seems to be contracting? How do I become more myself even when my circumstances feel so limiting?

How can I make it through the night? How can I have what I need? How can I achieve health, harmony and wellbeing in my life even when my world seems to be crumbling?

There are answers to these basic but profound questions.

And something within you probably knows that if you keep on asking, searching, stumbling forward, you’ll bump into the answer and discover that it has been with you the entire time.

Right this moment, you might be trying to overcome the concern you have for your family. You might be trying to solve an issue your community faces. Or you might be trying to free yourself from doubt as you start your own company or pursue a new passion. As you expand your awareness of who you are, you get to make choices that liberate you from limitation, disease, discomfort, lack, and poverty.

The Answer is You 2.0, a live online course based on Rev. Michael’s powerful book, supports you in mastering the 8 Life Structures that will help you connect with your gifts and transform every area of your life.

In the course, you’ll learn:

1. The Mindsets, Heart-sets, and practices you need to create the inner conditions for expressing your highest potential

2. How to use a Worry-Free Diet to stop ingesting negativity and open yourself up to a grander vision for your life

3. The three questions that you can use to transform your life: How can I grow? What can I give? What can I celebrate?

You will no longer need to be a victim of circumstance, of the past, or of a future you’re projecting. You will no longer need to be a victim to the things you’ve said about yourself or the things others have said about you.

As your awareness expands, you’ll find that you get to make a choice. A choice to become more yourself – independent of any circumstance.

Creating the perfect condition for your vision and soul

We’ve all been told that we are the changing personalities, coping mechanisms, and defensive strategies that have been forced into existence through circumstance.

But that’s not true.

You are a unique configuration of the Universe waiting to express itself. And when the proper conditions are met, the potential of anything can rise and express itself.

Take a little seed for example.

Inside that little seed, there is a perfect idea: the rose bush. This seed can be tossed into the wind for a long time but when the right conditions are finally met, when the seed finally falls down and gets planted in the fertile soil and it begins to rain and the seed begins to suck up nutrients, that seed begins to express its full potential and grow into a rose bush.

There are seeds within you.

And when the right conditions are met, it doesn’t matter who your parents were or weren’t. It doesn’t matter if you came from the so-called “wrong side of the tracks.” It doesn’t matter that they left you, or that they lied to you, or that they gossiped about you.

Nothing matters outside of you as you begin to think independently of those circumstances and create the necessary condition within your own soul, your own mind, your own awareness.

You will create the perfect environment within yourself – so that you ll be reminded that anything you want is within you.

Your potential will rise up and express all of these qualities that are within you now:

Happiness. Joy. Prosperity. All of the things that seem so fleeting, that seem just outside of your grasp, you ll discover deep within you.

The Answer is You 2.0 is your invitation to plant your placeholder firmly in affirmation. A placeholder in expanded awareness, so that when you begin to feel down, you can come back and gather wisdom and guidance. By affirming yourself, you can clear away the static of worry and fear. You can hear the guidance of the wisdom and intuition of your soul that is always there, always asking you to never be less than your true self.

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*Course schedule

Week 1
Introduction to the 8 Life Structures 
Overview of the 4 Stages of Spiritual Development
Life Structure 1: Spiritual

Week 2
Life Structure 2: Ego
Life Structure 3. Beliefs

Week 3
Life Structure 4: Relationship
Life Structure 5: Community

Week 4
Life Structure 6: Body Temple
Life Structure 7: Financial

Week 5
Life Structure 8: Livelihood
Completion Process

*This is an online course.  Class recordings will be available for those unable to join at the specified dates/times.

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Meet your Instructor:

Rev. Suzi Lula is a Licensed Spiritual Therapist with over 20 years of experience and a full-time private practice. She is an expert in the field of spiritual transformation and has a deep understanding of the nature of spiritual and therapeutic growth to effect profound inner healing. She is known for her compassionate heart and sensitivity.  She is the bestselling author of The Motherhood Evolution: How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children.

She speaks, teaches, and serves on Board of Trustees at her spiritual home, the Agape International Spiritual Center, under the direction of Founder and Spiritual Director, Michael Bernard Beckwith, who has been her spiritual teacher for over 25 years.

She s married to her best friend, inspirational singer/songwriter, Jami Lula and mom to their 18 year-old, aspiring filmmaker, Will and their two rescue dogs, Goody and Zoey.