Upcoming University Classes

2 New Classes Beginning in April!

Life Visioning Process (8 Week Course)

Faculty:  Rev. Dr. Coco Stewart
Description:  What is God’s Vision for your life? Gather with together with like-minded people, and, through the Life Visioning process, learn how to consciously identify, unify, and manifest the Divine Idea of Life for you in relationships, health, financial abundance, creative expression and livelihood.  Learn the spiritual principles upon which the visioning process is based so you may be empowered to release past patterns of belief, and live your best and highest expression of life.
Rev Michael teaches “Visioning breaks any past agreement with mediocrity.” Break with your past and allow the dynamic design of God’s vision to manifest!  
Required Books: Life Visioning by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Tuesday’s beginning  April 9th,  (April 9th, 2019 – May 28th, 2019)
Online Class, on ZOOM—1 pm--3:00 pm;      Register now.
On site, attend in person— 7pm--9 pm.      Register now.
Price: $275
The Open-Source Users Guide to Understanding New Thought (5 Week Course)
Faculty: Rev. Susan Shahani
Description:  Is that same old operating system still running in the background of your life? It’s time to uninstall core belief programs and download new thoughts apps. In this course we’ll explore the lives of many New Thought Pioneers who came to understand the power of our thoughts and beliefs. We will also focus on Rev Michael, his influencers and contemporaries, and help deepen your understanding of the unique source code of Agape’s teachings. Join us as we activate our own inner avatar and leap into a brand new 5D world!
Required Books:  Healing Without Medicine by Albert Amao; The Man Who Talks With the Flowers by Glenn Clark; The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe by Glenn Clark; Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith
Saturday’s beginning  April 20th
Online Class, on ZOOM—10am --1:00 pm;     Register now.
Price:  $175