TranscenDance (MP3 Download)

TranscenDance (MP3 Download)

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Michael Bernard Beckwith  (Artist)

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Produced by Stephen Bray and John Potoker  

Executive Producers: Michael Bernard Beckwith and Stephen Powers

“The album you behold falls into the genre of what Rickie BB and I call ‘Rhythm & Joy’. The Tracks you will be listening to are a combination of my teachings, which began as Sunday or Wednesday talks, blended with the music of Stephen Bray. The selections are more than spoken word or dance music; they are joyful soundtracks that have been created to inspire you to LISTEN AND DANCE TO THE BEAUTY OF YOUR OWN TRUE NATURE.”

~Michael Bernard Beckwith


(1) Adventure In Paradise,
(2) Let It Be Alright,
(3) Who Loves You, Baby,
(4) U R The Answer,
(5) One Day In Heaven,
(6) In This Love Together,
(7) Energetic Shapeshifter,
(8) Life Is Good,
(9) Mystic Cord Of Memory.