The True Reset

What fruits are you harvesting in your life? Do you harvest peace, love, compassion, abundance? Do you find yourself with an abundance of things to be grateful for? Your answers to these types of questions are a genuine method for understanding whether you have matured spiritually or whether you are still grappling with circumstances. The spiritually mature don’t wait for circumstances to change before they allow themselves to be happy. Rather they choose to see the beauty and the perfection in life as it is and give great thanks for it now.

The Power of Creativity works through me in elegant ways! It expresses in all my

My life is my canvas; I cover it with acts of kindness, beauty and generosity!

I am a progressive, innovative and inspiring presence on this planet!

The Spirit of Revelation is my call and my constant companion!

I am grateful to discover and deliver my true God nature! And so it is! Amen!

The True Reset

When we fully open the inner third eye of the soul, we actualize the words of Jesus the Christ when he said, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” The Fire of Spirit will ignite our entire beingness and we will merge in holy union with the Christ Consciousness, just as Jesus did.

A grand vision of possibility is the blueprint for my life!

The infinite invisible presence of God fills my body, mind and soul!

I am an avenue of harmonizing prosperity, a blessing on the planet!

Open doors and open hearts greet me everywhere I go!

Today I set myself free and let the God times roll!

In all things I am grateful! And so be it! Amen!

The True Reset

We must be willing to put self-realization on the top of our “action” list. And then sit still in meditation, not leaving our seat when the mind runs its rackets of restlessness, boredom, ponders the thoughts of others, rehashes old story lines, or runs its many other rackets on us. The more we are willing to unconditionally stay put, a deep joy will arise, even when we least expect it.

I am held in the infinite embrace of God’s love!

My life is a freewill offering of all my gifts, talents and skills!

Health is the order of my day! Wholeness reigns supreme!

The song of abundance sings itself as me! All my needs are met!

Gratitude saturates all that I think do and say! So be it! Amen

The True Reset

Although celebrating is not determined by the calendar, the New Year is an ideal time to remind ourselves that every single day offers us a new beginning, that each and every prayer and meditation session offers us a fresh, joyous view into our depths. In our inner Self there exists a continuity of light, of blissful song and dance, because we are made out of the energy called Celebration. That alone is reason to celebrate our existence, to dance in the Buddafield, in the Christfield of our essence. In other words, celebration is an expression of gratitude, a gratefulness for the gift of life.

The sacred presence of Spirit expresses in through and as me!

New ideas flow through me! Insights unfold within me!

My relationships form around the power of my loving heart!

The source and substance of my supply is limitless!

God is great and I am grateful! And so it is! Amen!

The Mass Celebration of The Christ

Again and again may we see the light of Christ Consciousness within ourselves and shine it unconditionally upon all with whom we come in contact. Night and day may there be one supreme longing in our hearts: to go deeper and deeper into the ocean of Divine Love until it is all that we know.

Gratefully I step into this New Year awake, aware and authentically me!

The love of God operates through my open, happy heart!

I am a master of divine substance creating wealth wherever I go!

Made in the image and likeness of God; I am whole, healthy and complete!

The conditions are perfect for the miracle of me to express!

My high resolve and clear intention make this the best year of my life!

So be it! Amen!