The Mass Celebration of The Christ

In celebration of this life, our greatest Christmas gift to one another, to all those whom we love and to all sentient beings is our prayer that the unconditional love which lived in the heart of Jesus may be birthed within us. Inclusive within unconditional love is all that is needed to bring about world peace, to end hunger and poverty, to end unkindness, greed, and selfishness.

I am a shining example of the power and presence of God!

My gratitude awakens greater and greater good in my life!

Love is the activity of my consciousness, the natural expression of my Being!

The body of my affairs reveals and reflects the birth of the Christ Consciousness in
our world!

A vision of health and wholeness takes shape as my body temple!

Joyfully I live these words of truth! So be it! Amen!

The Mass Celebration of The Christ

Jesus, our brother is not the great exception; he is the great example. From his lips came eternal truths about our relationship with Spirit. “Ask, and it shall be given to you. Search and you will find,” he encourages us. “Knock and the door will be opened,” he assures us.

I let the expanded nature of God take over my life!

The vibration of creation expresses through my hands, my heart and my mind!

The language of love speaks through all my conversations!

I am rock solid in the awareness and demonstration of true abundance!

My gratitude opens doors and activates unlimited opportunities!

This moment is a new beginning for my life! And so it is! Amen!

The Mass Celebration of The Christ

When we open the inner eye of the soul, everything is One. Communing with the One Life unites our Christed-self with the Infinite Christ. Jesus, the Christ possessed this tremendous spiritual power and beauty. He claimed no personal credentials, no bragging rights. His only absolute claim was his oneness with the Father. He lived in the freedom of God consciousness.

I am a singular manifestation of a cosmic destiny!

The grace of God brings peace and comfort to my soul!

Walking with steadfast awareness I am in service to the Light.

Creativity and clear thinking broadcasts through me from the mind of God!

An abundance of beauty and wholeness are already present as my life!

In all things I am grateful! So be it! Amen

The Mass Celebration of The Christ

As we stand at the precipice of the holyday season, how precious it is to know that underneath all of our celebrations there beats the heart of love, of generosity, of a kinship with all life. This collective awareness, whether you call it Christ Consciousness, the Light of Life, or no name at all, electrifies the atmosphere and, when we open our hearts to fully embrace it, illuminates our inner being.

I claim my important, unique gifts and bring them into the world.

I Flow and I Glow as a messenger of the Light, I Shine Bright.

Knowledge guides me to my Divine Purpose as a messenger of the Light.

I am fully capable of Love and I know who I am, Unconditional Love.

I am the light that shines in the dark. I am full of Love and Life

I am an individual expression of the Oneness that is God

I am the stars and the world is my Galaxy! 

Be Unreasonable in Your Thinking: Be Great!

We are surrounded by the unlimited nature of the Presence of God Almighty. Call it life, the great power, cosmic intelligence, divine love, the beloved or the great spirit; it is everywhere, being itself to the fullest. Its nature is to radiate, shine, and express. We are its full image and likeness and have the faculty to reveal what it is as our life. We must place ourselves in the position to accept this reality. Acceptance of this truth is based on our self-love and a deep sense of worthiness. It is awareness that there is something inherently right about us.

God created me in Its image and likeness! I am alright already!

Infinite abundance shows up as permanent prosperity in my life!

My spiritual infrastructure supports me in every way, every day!

I am a cosmic clearing house dissolving fear and lack in this global society!

My explorations in excellence reveal my life divine!

All praise and glory is to God! So be it! Amen!