Animal Kinship Ministry

Purpose Statement: Our purpose is to spiritually anchor all of God’s Kingdom by supporting animals and their caregivers in prayer.  We actively recognize and respect our kinship with ALL Life, and we stay consciously aware that God is Life and that all life expresses God.

Animal Kinship Ministry (AKM) Support Services – How we can support you:

Bereavement Support Group

The bereavement support group is for those moving through loss of an animal companion from no matter how long ago.  If you feel like bringing a picture(s) of your beloved companion, we would love to place it on the altar during the meeting.

Phone Prayer Support

The Animal Kinship Ministry can support you in prayer at anytime.  Our phone prayer support is provided by Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioners (ALSP) and consists of a short phone call where one can discuss the desire of their prayer, which is followed by a verbal Spiritual Mind Treatment prayer by the Practitioner.

Some reasons you may want to request prayer:

• A health challenge with your pet

• Bereavement support

• Harmony between two or more animals in your home

• Blessing of a new animal family member

• An animal birthday blessing prayer

• A prayer of gratitude for your beloved animal family member


Annual Blessing of the Animals

If a date is not listed here please check back.  Typically this event is in the Fall of each year.  This event features Agape Ministers and Practitioners who are overjoyed to bestow blessings on any and all of your animal family members.  If your animal companion cannot attend in “person” then we suggest you bring a picture.  Agape’s Blessing of the Animals is features music, festivities and of course the procession of the Blessing.

This event is located in the Agape parking lot.  Please note all animals must be on a leash or in a carrier – Animals are not allowed inside the building at any time.

Animal Kinship Ministry (AKM) Support Services – How You can support the AKM


The AKM can always use your help.  We would love you to serve (volunteer) and become part of our team.  Some of the areas we can use your help:

• Helping to host the One From the Heart table between services on Sundays at Agape

• Help during the Blessing of the Animals with: PR/Marketing & promotion, Set up/Clean up of the event, ushering during
the event, Vendor donation coordination, hosting one of the booths during the event

• Joining in our monthly team meeting meditation / visioning meetings

• Other event planning and coordination

To inquire about serving on any of our ministry teams, or if you wish to receive any of our services, please call:

The One From The Heart office

310-348-1260 x 1281

Rev. Coco Stewart, Director

310-348-1260 x 1280

or send an email by clicking the Contact tab above.


We appreciate your support, please click the "donate" button you will be able to set the amount you'd like to donate.