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Agape University Core Curriculum

Here are some of the courses that are offered at Agape University.  We hope these course descriptions along with the academic calendar will provide inspiration and support as you embrace your calling to unfold and develop
"The Physics of Prayer, Prayer 1"

Does prayer really work? Do you feel your prayers are answered or not? How would you like to pray with new confidence, power and authority?  Experience and embody Agape’s Affirmative Prayer in this 6-week, on-line class. Discover how and why this particular prayer technology works and develop an understanding/working knowledge of key elements: the feeling that fuels it, the principle that makes it so and the-6 step framework as the foundation of the prayer. Come play and pray with us in this virtual prayer field of Agape love!

"Meditation 2.0: The Evolution of Consciousness"
Meditation is the vehicle through which consciousness expands and it is also a deep practice of paying un-distractible attention to Spirit.  In this class you will move into a greater understanding of the idea that you are an individualized expression of Spirit, God Consciousness. In this class master meditation teacher, Michael Bernard Beckwith will guide you through as you explore various types of meditation: Contemplative, Existential, and Spiritual. You will come to value and appreciate a daily meditative practice. As you journey deep into your inner being— through silence—you find the doorway to Cosmic Consciousness. Through this doorway, you no longer cast a shadow into matter, you meld into a conscious union with God! As Rev. Michael says, Meditation is the vehicle to lasting inner transformation. Learn in this accessible and enjoyable course from a living master.
"Joel S. Goldsmith Series: Invisible Supply"
Divine Supply in every area of our life is yours by right of consciousness. No matter whether it is an abundance of love, wealth, or opportunities to express our creativity, God’s supply is infinite and omnipresent wherever you are!  Deepen your expression of supply through a variety of practices including forgiveness, sharing, and tithing to name a few.  This opens the channel within us for supply to demonstrate.  Gratitude allows the principle of supply to work with grace and ease. Demonstrating supply is a demonstration of God’s presence.Through our time together, we will open our hearts, and minds to become the place in consciousness where these opportunities fulfill themselves. We will laugh, play, pray and commune in the holy spirit of conscious community to fine- tune this awareness of abundance in all areas of life!
"Awake and Activate: Unlock Your Spiritual Power"
Do you feel like everything seems to be against you, or that nothing ever seems to go quite right for you? What if you were to discover the true nature of Reality, the Universe, and the Cosmos?  This amazing 4-week class just might be what the Dr. has ordered, Spiritual Dr. that is. You will come to know yourself as a supreme spiritual idea held in the mind of God. Through prayer, meditation and experiential processes, you will awaken your soul’s memory of God.  You will be urged to challenge your beliefs, opinions and judgments, thereby gaining a clearer understanding of how these impact universal laws. No more are you a  victim of circumstances, you become a victor over all circumstances!
"Prosperity, Plenitude & Infinite Possibilities"
Discover how to have your legitimate needs met by being in vibrational alignment with prosperity and plenitude. Be immersed in transformational wisdom and exercises designed to shift your paradigm and increase your capacity to live powerfully from the presence of infinite supply that is within you. Develop practices and practical habits that move you into a greater experience of prosperity in every area of your life.
"The Roots of Agape"
What is New Thought? Can I really understand how to harness my thoughts and use them for good in my life? Join us in the 5-week journey as we learn about the history of New Thought and how we can learn to heal our lives and relationships, living the life of our dreams.  By exploring the teachings of Phineas T Quimby, Mary Baker Eddy, the Fillmores, Ernest Holmes and many more, we’ll walk through the Science of Mind philosophy and its application for living.  There is a special emphasis on Rev. Michael Beckwith's influences and those individuals who have been an inspiration to the Agape Movement.  Form follows consciousness……what are you walking in?
"Self-Awareness and the Evolving Consciousness” 

Are you tired of feeling like you’re just sleep-walking through life, hardly ever experiencing any real Joy or sustainable Peace?  What if you discovered that self-awareness is truly the gateway way to transformation! Becoming self-aware puts you in the driver’s seat of your life! To become aware is to wake up and take full responsibility for your life: your emotions, beliefs, the choices you make, life structures, etc. In this 8-week class our aim is to ignite our spiritual unfoldment and personal transformation. We’ll look at various levels of consciousness, explore and enter the pathway of non-duality, and see our thoughts as energy fields from which thinking emerges. We’ll learn to transcend the endless thoughts running through our consciousness and activate fundamental spiritual principles. All aboard the Train to transformation.

“The Life Visioning Process”   
Have you ever thought about what God’s Vision is for your life? Do you think about your passion and if you are living your life’s purpose? If you have, then learning “The Life Visioning Process” is definitely for you. In this 8-week class you will gain a better understanding about Visioning as developed by Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. You will also learn the spiritual principles upon which the visioning process rests. You will  learn the difference between visualization and visioning and why visioning is far superior in living out your life purpose. Don’t miss this class, your future is counting on it and You!

“Mystical Heart, Mystical Calling, Mystical You”
Deepen into an expanded awareness of your true Mystical I-dentity!  What is it…..Mysticism is the practice of the Divine Presence within an individual which allows the continually-activated flow of Grace, God’s eternal Given-ness, and Giving-ness, to happen as a way of life.  
This 8-week experiential, process-oriented class takes you on an inner journey that will shift your outer experience of everyday living. Through an inclusive exploration of mystics, a variety of cultural origins, mystical teachings and traditions, song, and creative arts and play, the mystical life arises as a tangible way of living, encompassing balanced life structures..

“Spiritual Liberation”  
Based on the teachings of Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, in his powerful book SPIRITUAL LIBERATION, our intention for this 5-week class is to provide you as a spiritual adventurer, the tools to activate and implement spiritual practices and ageless wisdom into your daily living. The class offers the opportunity to journey through five weeks of in depth study and a better understanding of living a spiritually liberated life.  A life that is the divine embodiment of the rich practices and infinite possibilities. We fully support you as a student of self-mastery, expanding your inner knowing to full-on expression in body, mind and soul. Liberate yourself now, the world has been waiting for you!

“Prayer 2”
If you ever wondered how to pray effectively so that results of your prayers are demonstrative and palpable, this 6-week class is for you! Students explore the extraordinary technology of Affirmative Prayer, which activates spiritual principles, igniting a powerful frequency setting your prayers on fire! We’ll uncover false beliefs, assisting you in transmuting and transforming blocks that inhibit your expansion and highest expression.  Working within the laboratory of your life, you will come to Know and Feel the High Vibration of Love, revealing your Oneness with the Presence. You will emerge more self-aware, self-confident, more in tune with the Infinite as the only spiritual authority, and your word, a Law unto Itself.

“The Answer is You”
In times of challenge and change, there are key questions that many share: Do we search for meaning, or grasp for survival? How can we prosper and grow? What is genuine happiness and how may we experience it? Based on the teachings of Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith and the book “The Answer is You” we will address these profound questions through experiential exercises, rich dialogue and process work.  This 5-week class will also help inspire you with tools and techniques to help transcend self-limiting beliefs and step into the flow of a universe waiting to support you in the expression of your highest self.  What Gifts Does the Universe Want to Express Through You? Maybe this class just might be the ticket to discovering what those gifts are and assist you in truly living the life you were meant to live!

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Professional Practitioner Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Practitioner?  What do they do?  A professional Practitioner is a licensed spiritual counselor who has answered the call to put God first and foremost in his/her life. An Agape Practitioner has engaged in a rigorous consciousness building process which includes specific studies that apply to and prepare the student for advanced participation in spiritual community. The principles of New Thought Ageless Wisdom are the foundation of this training which is intended to develop skills associated with the art of spiritual counseling, community building and spiritual leadership.  This specific course of study allows the student to recognize the power of consciousness and understand Universal Spiritual Principles which, when applied in earnest, can uplift, heal and provide comfort to those who come to him or her for prayer and spiritual counseling. An Agape Practitioner turns first to prayer and meditation as spiritual technology in healing and counseling others. A Practitioner holds the confidence of clients sacred and inviolate. In the law, a Practitioner is recognized as the first level of the clergy, and has privileges of non-disclosure of confidential communications made during counseling sessions, except where such disclosure is mandated by law.


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