I am Men's Ministry

The “I Am” Men’s Ministry is comprised of individuals who come together each month to fellowship, pray, and serve*. This unique gathering is an opportunity for men to explore together their roles within the family, all aspects of relationship, the workplace, their creative endeavors, and the community. Through open-minded discussions, group service projects within and beyond the Agape community, a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment arises enhancing lives and contributing to good of all.


What one man can do when he follows his passion and creativity…
There is great art waiting to express itself through every man. The goal of The Art of Man is to inspire all men to dream again, to give freely of their gifts and talents and to remember that all it takes is one man to change the world, starting with themselves.
Each month, The Art of Man takes an in-depth look at the transformational work of everyday artists who have integrated their passion into their daily lives. We look forward to inviting creators in various disciplines, including visual artists, filmmakers, chefs, poets, writers, singers, scientists, ministers and many more who will share their works of art here at Agape.
We look forward to showcasing men from around the world who are making their lives into works of art each and every day. This program is an opportunity to find greatness in seemingly ordinary places, not just on television or in high-end galleries. We are here to inspire men to take action and know they can change the world one stroke, one letter, one note at a time.
Our goal is to bring out the art in every man.
Meet some of these amazing artists on The Art of Man – The Series, a web series premiering on GWEN Network TV in 2014.

Programs and events include:

Mentorship Program: Members of the mentoring team provide a loving, supportive environment for young men to openly express and request mentoring in areas of their lives in which they want personal growth, and to excel.

Community Service Teams: On a quarterly basis team members serve throughout Metropolitan Los Angeles painting classrooms, cleaning grounds, cultivating gardens, doing cabinetry work, and rebuilding animal shelters.

Annual Pancake Breakfast: Throughout the year team members demonstrate their culinary talents that have become fundraisers as well as fun for the entire Agape community.

Retreats and Workshops: Group weekend retreats are held in beautiful areas
Such as Santa Barbara and Sedona, Arizona. Workshops with guest speakers
are conducted throughout the year.

Until further notice, all Ministry meetings will be online only. In-person meetings and events have been suspended. Thank you for your interest.



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