Let's Rise!

Reeling. Barely coping. Mourning. Taking a stand. These are just some of the more printable comments I’m receiving from countless individuals about the times our world is currently facing. And I am no exception to standing in what is unchartered territory, in not knowing what’s next.  But there is one thing I absolutely do know:  Spirit is now and ever shall be in charge. Now, in the precise moment you are reading these words, I invite you to also know that with me; to know that while the current appearance is wayward, the way forward is about trustingly walking hand-in-hand with Spirit.

I am here to reflect and reveal cosmic consciousness!

The bounty of Spirit breaks forth through me as all needs met!

The soulful vibration of love invites whole relationships into my life!

My mind overflows with divine ideas and positive possibilities!

Wonder and awe, beauty and sacredness are the atmosphere of my Beingness!

Hanging out in a field of thanksgiving, I continue where God left off!

And so it is! Amen!

THE GREAT WORK — You’ve Been Chosen

In a world where old religious models are giving way to authentic spirituality, we have before us a blessed opportunity to redefine and revitalize the vision for our lives where our spiritual and social contracts are concerned. We have the opportunity to begin afresh with ourselves and in our relationships with others and our world. When we say, “Next week I’ll begin my spiritual practice,” or any other of our intentions, basically we are saying it probably won’t happen at all. That is the power of postponement. When We Say, “Today I am beginning to know my essence as love itself. Today I open my awareness and meet myself face-to-face,” this is the power of being in the now moment.

With complete abandonment I fly into the realm of pure Spirit!

Therefore, my moment to moment living is a prayer in action!

My life burns with the fire and passion of divine love and perfect peace!

I am awake to the dynamic power of Spirit as my life!

As a divine center in the mind of God, I am divinely supplied and permanently prospered!

I live and breathe the substance of well-being and the ecstasy of gratitude!

And So It Is!  Now and Forever!  Amen!

THE GREAT WORK — You’ve Been Chosen

The good news is that negative thinking doesn’t darken our inner luminosity, just our outer ability to feel and radiate it. But who wants to waste time having an unlived life? “Playing it safe” by buying into theologies of doubt, worry, fear and seeking outer salvation is living in hell. I suggest we take a collective leap into our magnificence, supporting one another with affirmative prayer and goodwill all along the way.

My life is lived in touch with the Spirit of the living God!

Divine abundance moves in perfect circulation as my life!

I live in the problem free zone of the eternal now!

The joy of being and the gift of right seeing are my everyday experience!

I have everything I need to set myself free!

Gratefully I let it be!  So be it!  Amen!

THE GREAT WORK — You’ve Been Chosen

We must train ourselves to “see” that abundance is everywhere.  We must fill our mind with the spiritual idea that plentitude is the nature of the universe and let go of thoughts of lack and limitation that have the tendency to out picture as the experience of not having what we need.  Furthermore, we must come to recognize that a real need is always the birth of our hidden potential in actual expression.

The transcendent power of the living God takes over my life!

My thoughts are radiant with the light of Spirit!

My choices are made from my oneness and wholeness in God!

My life is lived in the dynamic, abundant energy of pure Spirit!

Heaven is anchored on earth through my thoughts, words and actions!

The divine feminine essence of God reveals its grace as me today and always!

In gratitude and love I let it be!    And so it is!  Amen!

THE GREAT WORK — You’ve Been Chosen

How many of us are still living life on the layaway plan, holding back in letting our light brightly shine through our gifts, talents, skills and soul qualities? Religious dogma often causes us to misunderstand our true nature so we play small, believing we were born in “original sin” and must now be redeemed before we can earn heaven in the afterlife. Heaven is not a location; it is a state of consciousness available to us right here, right now! The real question is, are we ready to accept it?

I am created in the image and likeness of God! Whole, complete and perfect!

The rhythm of joy and right action takes over my life!

I live in divine guidance and let God show the way!

My Gratitude and generosity prime the pump of my prosperity!

My life is living decree of infinite possibility!

All praise and glory is to God!  So be it! Amen!