Agape Youth Choir


The Agape Youth Choir is a musical performance group for the young people of Agape. It is composed of 40 to 50 diverse children ranging in ages from 5 to 14 years, and is directed by Marianne Lewis, ALSP and Sheila Nichols. Children who love to sing and dance gather, twice weekly, to share in the power of voice, dance, lyric and laughter.


The choir regularly performs throughout the year during the services at Agape. Additionally, we sing within the local community. Opportunities are provided for children to perform as soloists and sing in ensembles as well as work as writers on songs. The choir participates in festivals and a variety of recording projects. Choir choreography is guided by a variety of professional choreographers within the Agape community.

Hanging Out With…

AYC has performed and recorded with many musical artists including: Wil Iam, (Black-eye Peas), Jason Mraz, Luc and the Lovington’s, and the late Donna Summers. In 2009 members of the AYC sang for President Barack Obama at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball. The youth choir has also been  invited to be featured performers on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Come Play!!

The Agape Youth Choir is a designed to inspire the development of musical creativity in children. It is a place to let talents grow naturally.

A “mystical, magical, musical spot” in which children work together to reveal the beauty in their amazing souls!

The Agape Youth Choir is inviting kids to join in on the laughter and singing! Ages 5 and older.

Singing, dancing, recording and sharing love through music both here at Agape and throughout the world community.

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The Agape Youth Choir

on the Ellen Degeneres Show


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