Music and Arts


Director: Marianne Lewis, ALSP

People all over the world have shared how the Sound of Agape has helped them in their personal transformation.

The key ingredient is simple and yet profound… you can feel the love in the music of Agape! 


Marianne Lewis, ALSP, Director of Music and Arts is a multifaceted talent, embodying a rich array of roles within the realm of music and arts. She serves as Agape International Spiritual Center's Choir Director, guiding and inspiring vocalists to achieve their full potential. Marianne's passion for personal growth and development led her to become a Master Practitioner, specializing in the art of transformation and empowerment.

She is the visionary founder of Agape Global Choir. A virtual harmonious collective that spreads joy and unity through their on-line soul stirring performances.

With her extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and vibrant spirit, Marianne Lewis continues to make a lasting impact in Agape International Spiritual Center's Music and Arts department. 


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The Agape Choir Ensemble, directed by Marianne Lewis, performed recently at the Saban Theater for the Kindred Spirits Organization benefiting “Save a Child’s Heart” Foundation. The Agape Choir Ensemble gathered today during services to share one of their favorite musical selections from that evening with us, “I Was Here”.

“I Was Here” was originally written by Hillary Scott, Gary Burr, and Victoria Shaw; and was recorded by Lady Antebellum in 2008.

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